Excellence Snowboard, offers two different Alpine program so you can choose the program that suits your level and your personal goals.


Welcome to the competition

Program for athletes starting in the competition world as well as those wishing to train recreationally. This program aims to introduce young people to the world of racing and regular training. Goal is to establish good basis for the athletes and help them progress toward the performance team. For non Fis athletes (under age 15).

  • Training in freeride and in GS and slalom course
  • Support in provincial events on the team calendar
  • Proximity with performance team athlete to support development


Mountain: Mont-Tremblant, Other

Program Price $ Included races Holiday camp
Development 2 days 1 600 $ QC, prov. Nat no
Development 1 day 1050 $ QC, Prov. Nat no
Punctual 65 $
Development Holiday camp 450 $

QC : Quebec Cup
Nat : National championship
Prov : Provincial championship


Aim for the top of the podium!

Program for athletes wishing to compete at the highest level. The performance team focus preparation and trainings for obtaining results in FIS, NorAm, and Europa cup events. Our best athletes also have the opportunity to participate in very high level events like World Cup and Junior and senior World Championships. All this while aiming ultimatly at the Olympics.

  • Training on GS and slalom course and in freeride
  • Support in provincial, FIS and NorAm events on the team calendar
  • Participation to Holiday camp included

Mountain : Mont Tremblant, Autre
Coach :

Program Regular $ Included races Holiday camp
Performance 3 500 $ Noram, Fis, Nat, Prov. QC yes
Punctual 85 $
Services (TC meetings, bibs) FIS 20 $
Performance Holiday camp 800 $

QC : Quebec Cup
Nat : National championship
Prov : Provincial championship
Fis : Fis races in Qc.
Noram :Noram cup (selected)


Formulaire d’inscription_alpin 18-19_EN

A membership from Association Québec Snowboard is required for all programs. The programs do not include the costs related to equipment, lift tickets, food or competitions (inscription, transportation, lodging, coaches fees). Helmet is mandatory at all trainings we also reccomand that athlete wear a mouth guard along with back protector. A number of days of volunteering for the club is required with inscription documents you have to fill.