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A high performance training center for Alpine and Snowboardcross athletes

Excellence Snowboard is a sports organization provinding a world class coaching to speed snowboard athletes

Focusing both on the achievement of high-performance sports and the importance of a healthy overall development and thought, Snowboard Excellence accompanies each athlete in achieving personal goals, whether provincial, national or International

Based in the Laurentians, Quebec, recognized since 1997, Excellence Snowboard brings together several sub-divisions to promote the emergence of supervised activities accordingly to level of each athlete, whether they are beginners, intermediate or experienced.

and services

Excellence Snowboard offers all level training programs in Alpine and snowboardcross

Our services :

  • Programs and training camps
  • High level race coaching and follow-up
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Physical training

Our programs :

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« Le sport est dépassement de soi. Le sport est école de vie. » - Aimé Jacquet, sélectionneur français, Champion du monde en 1998

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